Learn More about National Cancer Survivor Day

“NCSD is also a call to action. As many survivors will tell you, the effects of cancer don’t end when treatment does. Cancer survivors face ongoing, often long-lasting, hardships because of their disease..”
— Laura Shipp, NCSD Foundation spokesperson

This Sunday is National Cancer Survivors Day and it’s time to talk about life after cancer.

I have been treating cancer patients for over a decade and while cancer treatment is getting better, I feel strongly that it’s time we focused more on survivorship. If you’ve survived cancer treatment, how did you heal? As an oncologist, I can offer you the latest medical treatments, but the recovery, the journey after the treatment, that is one that you must take alone. Only you know how to heal your body.

Follow me online this summer as I explore healing from cancer treatment. I want to provide you with tools and information to support you as you move from cancer treatment into cancer survivorship.

Let the journey begin.

Patient-focused treatment, and an individualized approach to oncology means Dr. Norleena Gullett is not just treating cancer, she's treating the whole person.