Refinery 29’s interview with my favorite fitness trainer, Tracy Anderson, was done back in September but well worth checking out. I just stumbled across it today and Tracy, once again, is right about so many things.

My favorite TA quote from the interview:

Is there one exercise or fitness habit you wish everybody would do every day? “I wish people would be consistent. I wish people would understand what they want to achieve so they’re proud of themselves when they do accomplish it. I wish people would look in the mirror after setting a goal, accomplishing said goal, and feel good. If they want to bulk up, great; go do the things to bulk up, and then proudly look at yourself in the mirror. We’re all individuals, and we all deserve to look the way we want to look.

When I started the grueling hours of residency, I needed an exercise routine that could fit into a 12-14 hour workday and that pretty much eliminated going to the gym.  Tracy Anderson’s Method is a study in anatomy and physiology. She truly understands the human body musculature and her exercises support muscle development. In addition, Tracy understands that you cannot just do one repetitive exercise to maintain health. Her DVD’s are approximately 45 minutes in length, tailored to specific body types, easy to follow, and change every 10 days to ensure that you continue to be challenged. Even better, the DVD’s are inexpensive when compared to the cost of a gym membership. Tracy is just as passionate about good nutrition as I am. How you fuel your body for a workout is just as important as the exercise you do. If you want to start exercising and preventing cancer, check out Tracy Anderson’s Method!

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