A new Memorial Fund for Brain Cancer Research created by the daughter of the late Pam Blevins will raise awareness of brain disease and generate support for Erlanger Health System’s Neuro-Oncology Department, dedicated to a multi-disciplinary treatment of tumors of the brain and spine.

This action by Pam’s daughter, Lauren Wolfford, to create the Pam Blevins Neuro-Oncology Fund from the Schillihahn-Huskey Foundation stands as a touching tribute to the impact of her mother’s life. It will provide hope and support to other families facing similar struggles with brain cancer as researchers keep endeavoring to find a cure.

As I stated in an article about this in The North Carolinan, Pam was an amazing individual. I commend Lauren Wolfford and Pam’s family for this gesture to forward North Carolina oncology treatment. They bring comfort to others in their time of need.

Advancing North Carolina Brain Cancer Treatments

It is fitting that the fund in her name establishes tools to aid patients through their journey the same way it brought comfort to Pam after her diagnosis nearly a year ago. Erlanger partnered with Duke Medical Center to seek out clinical trials as part of our holistic approach to treating her advanced Glioblastoma, a highly aggressive tumor that arises from rapidly reproducing cells encompassing the supportive tissue of the brain.

Our North Carolina Radiation Oncology department at UT Erlanger, works with leading medical oncologists and neuropathologists, as well as our region’s only neurosurgeons, to offer a full continuum of care for brain and spine tumors through the Erlanger Cancer Center. That involves both the most advanced treatment and fostering a healing environment during the time of need.

To contribute to the Pam Blevins Neuro-Oncology Fund, call 778-5708. Learn about UT Erlanger Cancer Center Neuro-Oncology.

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