Dr. Ofri wrote a New York Times article recently that struck me – she discusses the culture of disrespect in medicine.

In a Culture of Disrespect, Patients Lose Out

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before – the culture of medicine has been a shocking change from the collaborative, team-based environment of the corporate world. In my opinion, there continues to be an “old guard” of, predominantly, male physicians, who continue to practice and train like they did 30 years ago. The result is a hierarchal structure that rewards seniority and promotes competition rather than collegiality and collaboration. Having trained in this environment, I now find myself at the end of my training, eagerly seeking a different one. One where cancer care is truly team-based, where I can contribute and at the same time, learn from my peers, who hopefully come from different backgrounds, just as my patients will.

Patient-focused treatment, and an individualized approach to oncology means Dr. Norleena Gullett is not just treating cancer, she's treating the whole person.