Slow Food is the opposite of fast food. Slow Food USA is a movement that supports local farmers, high quality food, and animal welfare. Slow Food is a passion of mine. But here is the trick, if you want to prepare slow food, you have to learn to cook. For most American families, cooking has unfortunately become a thing of the past and I believe this has contributed directly to the obesity crisis. What we put into our mouths each day directly affects our health. To really live a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease, the reality is that someone at home needs to be in charge of the cooking.

If that person is you, then how can you start making Slow Food? Let’s go to the source, Alice Waters in Berkley, CA, who started slow food back in the 1970’s before it even had a name. Pick up a copy of her book “The Art of Simple Food” or even her most recent release “Art of Simple Food II“. I love the first book and am definitely placing the second on my Christmas list.

If you’re looking for an even bigger project, check out Alice Water’s latest initiative, the Edible Schoolyard Project. Ms. Waters is teaching school children how to cook simple food – providing them culinary skills that will keep them healthy throughout their lives.

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