Doubtful, because so few people drink it anymore. Recommendations for consuming skim milk instead of whole milk are a pet peeve of mine. Why? Because there is no convincing medical data to support drinking skim milk is better for you, and more importantly, there is a lack of medical research to support giving it to your children. In fact, eating a low-fat diet has been implicated in the rise of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer because when food companies started taking the fat out of foods, they replaced it with chemicals and sugar, which are way worse for us than fat.

Skim milk is actually “processed food” and like most processed food, the fat that is taken out, only leaves you hungrier and craving more calories, resulting in increased intake. (Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who was hungry during the 1980’s.) Research showing that skim milk may actually be causing weight gain is starting to be recognized. Check out this article in the Atlantic on skim milk. Why do I hate skim milk so much? It’s not just the taste and I’m not alone. Here are two prominent physician researchers thoughts.

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