My girlfriends recently asked me what skin care products are “safe” to use. Meaning skin care products that don’t put them or their families at risk for cancer. From a scientific standpoint, it is a complex question that requires a thorough review of the literature. I promised them that I would post a list of products within in the next few weeks and explain my rationale. In the interim, I thought I would go ahead and post resources that I trust to when choosing my own skin care products.

This article from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) lists the chemicals in skin care products that are dangerous to your health based on the latest scientific data.

This link will take you to EWG’s “Skin Deep” database where you can search for your current skin care products and see what ingredients may be harmful to your health. They even have a Skin Deep app you can download to your mobile phone. That way when you are out shopping, you can search for the product and see if their are specific ingredients that are a cause for concern.

More to follow…..

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