Treatment Delivery

Radiation Treatment

Many patients are surprised how well they tolerate radiation treatment.

You will lie on the treatment table while a large machine called a linear accelerator (“linac” for short) rotates around you and delivers the radiation. You will not be able to see the radiation beams, nor will you feel anything. Radiation delivery is not painful, in fact the treatments typically only last 10-15 minutes.

Because high doses of radiation are required to kill tumors, the dose has to be delivered in small doses daily. You will receive a fraction of the dose needed to treat your cancer every day, Monday-Friday, for a period of days to weeks depending on the regimen prescribed. As you progress through treatment each week, the radiation dose will start to have a cumulative affect and you will begin to experience side effects. You will meet with your radiation oncologist weekly for an evaluation so he or she can help manage any side effects you may be experiencing.

In Their Words

“The staff was great. I would not change anything.”

“Dr. Gullett was fantastic. I cannot dream of better care. Nursing staff was terrific. I have already recommended Dr. Gullett to friends.”

“I was very pleased with my time here. Everyone was so nice.”

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“Very professional. Always felt comfortable…especially with Dr. Gullett.”