Dr. Norleena Gullett is happy to announce that the first SpaceOAR® hydrogel has been placed for the treatment of prostate cancer in North Carolina. Utilizing this treatment option, Dr. Gullett is able to provide her patients with the highest level of treatment and care, ensuring that radiation is delivered precisely to the prostate while reducing the likelihood that the rectum is exposed to radiation during treatment.

What is SpaceOAR Hydrogel?

SpaceOAR hydrogel is an option for men who undergo radiation treatment for prostate cancer. This treatment option acts as a spacer, providing space between the rectum and the prostate of the patient being treated. This added space greatly reduces the likelihood that the rectum will be exposed to radiation during the treatment of prostate cancer. SpaceOAR hydrogel is injected into place prior to the start of radiation treatment and allows for patients to be awake or asleep under general anesthesia for the procedure. SpaceOAR hydrogel is not painful, remains stable during the duration of the radiation therapy, and is then gradually absorbed by the body after the radiation therapy has been completed. Dr. Gullett is excited that this treatment option is available in North Carolina for her patients and would be more than happy to discuss SpaceOAR hydrogel with any patients or individuals who are interested in learning more about this option.

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