Exercise, weight control reduce risk of breast cancer

Modifiable Risk Factors.

That is what physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight are called when it comes to the risk of breast cancer. I think it is important that we emphasize to women (and men) that they can decrease their risk of breast cancer by increasing physical activity and watching their weight. The extra weight that we gain around the middle is hormonally active – meaning that the fat itself is producing estrogen and it is this long term exposure to estrogen that can significantly increase a person’s risk of breast cancer.

USA Today’s article also describes research on physical activity and its role in reducing cancer risk. Truly “it does not take much” physical activity to impact your health. While gym membership and cardio classes are fun, they often times require a commitment that many people are unable to make. It is more realistic to start including physical activity in your day – take the stairs, park far away from the store to walk, sweep the floor, take out the trash, in short…MOVE!

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